2019/2020 Choir Director

We are pleased that Corey Linforth will be our Choir Director for the 2019/2020 season.

Corey is the Music Director at St. Andrew’s Hespeler Presbyterian. There, she directs Adult Choir, Youth Band, Joyful Sound!, the men’s ensemble, plays organ, piano, guitar, works with soloists and small ensembles, and facilitates the music program. She also started “Explorations in Music,” a program for grade school children that encourages them to explore unique and interesting instruments in a play-based session.

Corey has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from The University of Waterloo. She graduated with honours and received a number of scholarships while there.

Corey is well versed as a soloist and choral singer. She has performed with ensembles such as The Annex Singers, Arcady, Spiritus Ensemble, Guelph Chamber Choir, Talisker Players, and Eviole. Corey has attended a number of summer programs including Early Music Vancouver – The Compleat Singer (Canada), the Tallis Scholars’ Summer Schools (England), and Triora Musica – Early Opera Course (Italy) where she played Venere in La Dafne, by Marco di Gagliano and Nunzia in La Liberazione di Ruggiero, by Francessca Caccini. For more information on Corey’s classical projects, visit http://coreylinforth.com.

Corey also performs indie/pop music under the name Coraline James. Take a look at http://coralinejames.com and have a listes at https://soundcloud.com/coralinejames.


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