About Us

The Cambridge Kiwanis Boys Choir was founded in the autumn of 1978 by the directors James Kropf and the late Jean Kropf to provide musical training for boys and young men and serve in the Region of Waterloo. Murray Jull served for many years  as accompanist.

Ann Green is currently music director for the choir in collaboration with Monica Admiral as accompanist.

This award winning Choir is a member of the Royal School Of Church Music, Choirs Ontario, and the Choristers Guild.

The Choir, in service to the community, annually performs at senior citizen’s residences, nursing homes, schools, churches, shopping centres, and civic functions. Major community concerts are conducted at Christmas and in the Spring. The Choir accepts invitations to perform at fund raising and special events and collaborates with other choirs throughout Ontario in joint concert performances.

The Choir is a non-profit Incorporated Association comprising of the parents/guardians of the choristers.

The Cambridge Kiwanis Boys Choir Association is responsible for raising funds and promoting the Choir in the community. Fund raising activities via several streams are carried out by members of the Association. The Cambridge Kiwanis Club continues to be a staunch supporter of the Choir. Commercial businesses, professional communities, and private individuals support the Choir. Donations are gratefully accepted. Receipts for tax purposes are issued for amounts exceeding $10.00.

The Concert Tours abroad have included England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Japan, the United States (Detroit, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C.), and across Canada (Quebec, British Columbia, the Maritimes and Ontario).

Tours give an opportunity for performance in another community and also provide time for interaction with the destination organizers, families, and larger community. Traveling offers a chance for educative sight seeing that is inclusive of historical, political, social, and musical events.

The Choir promotes cultural and interactive social experiences on an ongoing basis through various activities conducted for the Choristers and families.

The teaching staff consists of highly trained musicians who are actively involved in the larger musical community. The Choristers benefit from the high calibre vocal, choral, and musical training imparted by a dedicated team of musicians.

Choir rehearsals are held each Monday night with extra practices as required prior to special concerts. Boys and young men, who are interested in joining the choir, should contact the director.

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